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This Blog covers topics in the commercial cleaning Business. My name is George Nava I have been inside the cleaning business since 1989.

By George Nava, Sep 16 2015 04:35PM


By George Nava, Jul 30 2015 05:48PM

You shoud'nt get stuck in a contract that says anytning about an anniversary date. The franchise has lawyers that attempt to scare you and keep you from cancelling the contract while working deperately to correct the problem. It's usually a problem that has been going on for sometime.

Read your contract and don't buy the fast talk. It might be a few dollars lower but you'll pay at the end call us at Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. we have been providing janitorial services for more than 26 years. The best way to avoid this problem is to not sign a contract with thiese rules. Management changes people quit, get fired, the business down sizes ect .. you can get out the the contract

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Call George Nava @ Cleaning San Antonio - Advanced Cleaing Samurai Inc.

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By George Nava, Jul 9 2015 03:47PM

Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. (Janitorial Services) provides commercial cleaning services for Medical offices, Dental offices we use microfiber dust mops and mops research has shown that these mops pick up the tiny particles and germs on the surfaces and leave the areas cleaner than conventional mopping equipment.

Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. Doing Business As (DBA) Cleaning San Antonio provides services to Real Estate Agencies, Architecture firms, Engineering companies, Auto Dealerships and several other types of businesses including schools and construction companies.

We provide floor waxing, carpet cleaning using the latest technology with 30 years of experience serving in the business rest assured your not dealing with a new start up franchisee. Call us we are here to serve you. (Janitorial Services) (San Antonio)

By George Nava, May 29 2015 06:08PM

State of the art floor cleaning and re-waxing call me for an estimate quailty service low rates.

Waxing Cleaning and polish - San Antonio
Waxing Cleaning and polish - San Antonio

By George Nava, May 12 2015 04:33PM

Advanced Cleaning Samurai is here to serve you. Our Floor waxing prices are competitive and we have 25 years providing office cleaning and floor waxing. If you are looking for a company that will take care of your floors call us. We are trying to invest in a dry floor stripping machine. Floors are stripped and waxed with out using chemicals or lots of water.

Green floor stripping removing floor finish without chemicals. Call us for an estimate so we can schedule your floor cleaning.

George Nava


By George Nava, Apr 24 2015 05:14PM

Our cleaning service will provide you with a well trained Office Cleaning Professional. Since we are not a franchise we check on and make sure the cleaning instructions and training taught are being followed. This is a process that we have established over the past 26 years. Janitorial Services from Cleaning San Antonio (Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc.) has a reputation for comprehensive quality. Our employees are required for follow the cleaning Samurai training and any changes we make to it with out exeption.

By George Nava, Jan 2 2015 07:26PM

Looking for Janitorial Services in San Antonio, Texas; most use Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other search engine after entering the key words look for the listing of cleaning services. If your looking for us click images and look for this logo: Advanced Cleanng Samurai Inc. Call us for a free estimate we don't charge for an initial cleaning, you can cancel anytime (you don't have to wait for the aniversary of the signing of the contract, no certified letters on issues, simple contract, its cleaning not rocket science. Why make it a big issue, call us now 210.256.8040.

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Happy New Year from Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc. Dba Cleaning San Antonio

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