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This Blog covers topics in the commercial cleaning Business. My name is George Nava I have been inside the cleaning business since 1989.

By George Nava, Apr 24 2015 05:14PM

Our cleaning service will provide you with a well trained Office Cleaning Professional. Since we are not a franchise we check on and make sure the cleaning instructions and training taught are being followed. This is a process that we have established over the past 26 years. Janitorial Services from Cleaning San Antonio (Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc.) has a reputation for comprehensive quality. Our employees are required for follow the cleaning Samurai training and any changes we make to it with out exeption.

By George Nava, Sep 8 2011 03:21PM

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  We have been serving San Antonio since 1989. Janitorial Service, Commercial Cleaning Service, Cleaning Systems and Office Cleaning Company are several names used to describe the Cleaning Service Business. Other names some companies use are Franchise Cleaning Systems, Franchise Cleaning Company. In 1989 most companies used Janitorial Service in their company name. commercial cleaning is really not that difficult yet it requires some experience to go through an office in an efficient and effective way. Office cleaning becomes a skill franchise and selling a skill without the proper training brings about poor service which gives commercial cleaning a bad name. Anybody can shoot a basket ball. It requires skill and practice to make it in the hoop 99% of the time.

Low balling a job then turning it over to a franchisee with 2 weeks of training is not a business concept that produces duplication of a business. For Quality service in commercial cleaning call Advanced Cleaning Samurai today. We have been doing business as Cleaning San Antonio since 1989. Honesty, reliability, dependability and customer satisfaction are the key word of our business. If this was not true we would not be here today. Call us now get Samurai Clean.

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